WordPress plugin released (geotags, -metatags, -feedtags)

Connecting geographical information to virtual items is finally hitting the masses. While „geotagging“ used to be a bit geeky some years ago, it is now widely known that your mobile phone save your GPS coordinates when taking a picture or that your geographical location influences your Google search results. And to let the search engine decide which pages are really relevant for you, it is wise to geotag websites and blogs, as well.

After releasing in 2007 and the according GeoPicker API in 2010, I found it was time to make geotagging for web blogs even simpler: So I just released a complete integration of into the popular WordPress blogging system. What does the new plugin acutally do? For every WordPress post or page you can save geodata like longitude, latitude, the placename or region. You can either do this manually or use a fancy geopicker mapping tool for this task. Just enter a location, hit search and fine tune the result using a drag & drop marker in the map. All geodata is filled in automatically. Just check:

The entered geodata is presented in three different ways:

The standardized Geo-Metatags are mainly for letting search engines and other spiders know, which place on earth the current blog post is releated to.


Just like you add regular „tags“ to a blog post, there is also the possibility to use standardized geo post tags. The plugin generates these automatically for you. It is the „geotagged“ tag to give an indication that the post is actually tagged and „geo:lat=xxx“/“geo:lon=xxx“ for the location itself. This data is intended both for humans and for search engines or blog aggregators. As a little bonus, the city name is also added (this is more for the humans among us).


Since it is quite normal to publish your blog as an RSS feed, there is also the need to include geodata into this one. The plugin will do this for you, as well. Blog aggregators will be happy to find this important information.

And what is your job in all of that?
To be honest: Not really much. Just add the geodata manually…

…or click the „Open geopicker tool“ button to search for a place and finetune the result using a drag & drop marker. In case you are using a modern web browser, you can also click the cross-hair button next to the search input and the W3C geolocation API will automatically detect your current location. This works very well on mobile devices with a built-in GPS antenna. With a regular desktop computer at least the city will be located.









Hitting „Return data“ fills your geodata input fields. All the rest is done by the plugin.

Grab the plugin from the plugin website…

Or from the official WordPress page

I hope you like the ease of geotagging your WordPress blog posts with this new plugin. If you have any suggestions, questions or other feedback, just leave a message.