Comenius „Hands and feet“ project: Connecting kids in europe

Remember your first contact with people from another country? I don’t mean going on holidays or watching TV. I mean real contact with the „natives“: Learning about the typical things that happen when they grow up, their views on the world and how their spend their Sundays?

For many of us that might have happened while doing an internship in another country or a semester of studies abroad. Usually, you are already in your 20ies when something like this happens. Quite late, isn’t it? And depending on social context, financial strength and also the will to get off your couch this might never happen. Really a shame. So the good news is: There is a project funded by the European Union, which tries to target this problem. The „Comenius“ project focuses on creating collaborations betweens schools from all European countries. So learning about your European neighbors does not start when you are already paying your rent, but when your biggest problem is whether the girl next door will answer your love letter with „Yes“, „No“ or „Maybe“.

My girlfriend happens to be a teacher at a primary school, and the beginning of this school term also marked the beginning of her schools 2-year-collaboration with 6 other schools across Europe. From 2011-2013, her pupils will connect to peers from Finland, Italy, Romania, Spain, Turkey and Wales. In emails and video conferences they will chat about their daily life and learn more about their neighbors wishes, hopes and future perspectives. And since we are living in the age of Web 2.0, they will also blog about their experiences: Feel free to follow them at